issue 1: 10 translations of “Dalpaengi” by Jin Eun-Young

issue 2: 10 translations of “Neoulgwa noeul” by Lee Jenny

mini issue: 6 translations of “Nongdam han songi” by Heo Su-gyeong in 『자음과모음』 (Essay published in Korean)

issue 3: 7 translations of “Gongbap” by Kim Haeja

issue 4: 8 translations of “Gagak dan Ikan Mata Tiga” by Erni Aladjai
[Guest editor: Norman Erikson Pasaribu]

issue 5: revisitation of Jin Eun-Young, Lee Jenny, Heo Su-gyeong, Kim Haeja, and Erni Aladjai in Modern Poetry in Translation